Terms of Service

Move proxy is providing a platform to access all the unblocked websites according to its term & conditions. So before using our secure, freeware and the best services all the times read our term & conditions first. You should agreed yourself for using our proxy website unblocked by accepting our term & conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy & policy. MOVE Porxy reserve the right to change these its term & conditions at any time. Following are some term & conditions of of using Move Proxy server to unblock all blocked websites in your Universities, Schools, Colleges, Offices or Home:

  1. You can not use our proxy server for any illegal or unlawful activity, against your region.
  2. You may not allow to access the illegal content or share illegel content like abusing words, Harassing or adult content.
  3. We not allow anyone to use Our Proxy server as spamming, So beware of accessing Webmail by our proxy service.
  4. Not access any type of Forum, Blogs or such type of website through our proxy server and we not allow you to advertise yourself and post content via Move Proxy servers.
  5. Never try unauthorized actions by using our proxy server against any website.
  6. Move Proxy not allow anyone to access their service against any abusing services or refer us against those.
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